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Experienced & Well knowledgeable Builders.

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Ensuring that
the task is completed

Redecon has become a trusted brand in the construction industry. Whether you live in the city, diaspora or the country side we provide an end-to-end property solution. Leveraging on trust and reliability the company has incorporated commercial and institutional projects.

We offer our clients cutting edge solutions that are highly optimized across the whole life cycle of their assets by integrating our core services.

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Why People
Choose Redecon
  • Well Considered Design
  • We Have The Expertise
  • Seamless Craftsmanship

Our Team

We have talented and dedicated specialists, artisans and craftsmen with strong practical and technical skills in design, engineering, construction and project management.

Quality Assured

Our team is committed to creating long lasting project solutions. We have multi-disciplinary members that work on a variety of projects bringing forth expertise in innovative solutions and methodologies for safe and cost-effective operations.

Free Consultations

Our doors are always open to assist clients with all kinds of project requirements that they might have.

Reasonable Pricing

Not only do we get the job done, we offer competitive rates that ensure smooth flow of the task at hand.